Submissions for 2016


Deadline Dates 2016

Press releases of submission titles can be sent via the prize Co-Founder and Honorary Director Simon Savidge via by the 30th of January 2017. Books must have been received by all five judges, and one for the administrative team, by Friday 3rd of February 2017.

Books Eligible For Entry

  • All books, including translations, are welcome if published in Hardback or Paperback between the  1st of October 2015 and 31st of December 2016
  • Any book previously published outside the UK before 2016 is eligible if published for the first time in the UK within the above dates.
  • Any full-length novel, graphic novel, collection of short stories, non fiction or memoir written by a LGBT author is eligible. No anthologies.
  • We will accept advance review copies of the book as long as they available for judges in finalised form by Friday 3rd of February 2016.
  • The submission must be written by a LGBT author, this is not a prize for LGBT subject matter alone.
  • Authors must be living at the time of the award.
  • Books written by any current Green Carnation Prize judge will not be eligible.
  • Self published books are not eligible.
  • Submissions must be available in print.
  • Books must be submitted by a publisher rather than an author.
  • Judges may ‘call in’ books from publishers and contact them with regard to these titles.
  • No book entered by publishers or called in by the judges will be returned to the publishers.
  • The decision of the administration team as to whether a book is eligible shall be binding and no correspondence shall be entered into.
  • All submissions are made on a confidential basis.
  • United Kingdom publishers may enter as many submissions as they wish which meet the above criteria with scheduled publication dates between the 1st of October 2014and the 30th of September 2015
  • No administrative fee is required at this time.

Clause for the Prize

Any eligible book which is entered for the prize will only qualify for the award if its publisher agrees to contribute 7 copies of any book put forward for The Green Carnation Prize, one for each judge and two for the administrative team.

The Winning Prize

  • The prize, as of the date of 11/12/2016, is kudos and taking part for the specific year nominated, however the longlist, shortlist and winner will all be promoted in Foyles stores around the country as well as at the winners party in Foyles in Spring 2017.
  • The judges will be responsible for compiling a longlist of up to 13 books ‘The Green Carnation Bunch’ followed by a shortlist of five or six outstanding books submitted for the prize.
  • The panel of judges is chosen by The Green Carnation Honorary Director (Simon Savidge).

6 Responses to Submissions for 2016

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  4. “Self published books are unfortunately not eligible”

    Why’s that?

  5. Steve Berman says:

    So, if my press is based in the US but has a UK printer to fulfill UK and European orders, are the books eligible?

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