Words From Our 2013 Winner, Andrew Solomon

Yesterday we announced the news that Andrew Solomon had won the Green Carnation Prize 2013 with Far From The Tree,  which the judges have been in unanimous admiration of as an exceptional book.

Heard the news of his win Andrew said “I am profoundly honored and utterly thrilled to have won this prize.  When I was born, it was a crime, a sin, and a mental illness to be gay; now it is an identity, and a much celebrated one at that, as the very existence of this prize clearly demonstrates.  My book is about how we can use that shift, of which gay people today are the fortunate beneficiaries, as a model for helping others with stigmatized differences to find dignity in them.  I believe with all my heart in a prize that celebrates the particular contributions of gay literature, and that recognizes that human diversity, like species diversity, is necessary to sustain the world as we know and love it.  I am delighted to play any part in putting forward that idea, and I thank the judges with all my heart.”

We have nothing we can add to that wonderfully humbling statement. Once again thank you to the judges and for the publishers and authors who entered for the prize this year. We will be back in the spring of 2014, until then we hope we leave you with many great books to read over the months ahead.

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