The Green Carnation Prize is Back…

Yes, the Green Carnation prize is back for its fourth year in 2013. With new submission guidelines, new judges and, of course, a new logo this year looks set to be another great year that will see the prize going from strength to strength.


Simon Savidge, co-founder and Honorary Director of the prize, said ‘I think this year will see the prize turn itself up a notch, it’s going to be more interactive, theres going to be more events and I am looking forward to watching it all unfold.’ This year will be the first year Simon leaves the judging panel, which he has been on for the last three years ‘I wanted to take more of a behind the scenes role, the prize needs sponsorship and this year my role is to get that sorted and I have some exciting meetings planned ahead. I also didn’t want the prize to look like a vanity project, though now I know who all the judges are I am slightly kicking myself I won’t be joining in with them. I will just have to read-a-long and join in at the judges meetings anyway, ha. Seriously though, I also want to look at how the prize can bring LGBT literature from before the prize was thought of to the fore and see how the history and heritage of LGBT writing of all kinds can be celebrated and enjoyed again. It is all exciting stuff.’

Monday the 25th of February will see the official launch of the prize announcing the five all new judges and all new submission guidelines. Watch out for more details then…

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