The Green Carnation Prize Shortlist 2012

Over a month after announcing the wonderfully varied Green Carnation Longlist 2012 the judges spent a whole weekend of discussion to decide the titles that make up the shortlist for 2012.  Carol Anshaw, Patrick Gale, Philip Hensher, Kerry Hudson, Andre Carl Van Der Merwe and Edmund White are the six authors that make up the shortlist in the prizes third year.

Chair of the judges for 2012, Rodney Troubridge said “Shortlists like longlists are never easy but I feel that we’ve reached a happy consensus and one we all feel completely justifies the criteria of the prize.” Honorary Director and Co-founder of the Prize, Simon Savidge, who returned to judge for the third year said “This year was the hardest shortlisting discussion I have been a part of so far with the Green Carnation, I think it is down to the fact that we had an absolutely incredible longlist and what is exciting, and will also make this year all the tougher, is that we still have no idea who might win. These six books are all incredible.”

  • Carry The One – Carol Anshaw (Penguin Books, American, 4th novel)
  • A Perfectly Good Man – Patrick Gale (4th Estate, British, 16th novel)
  • Scenes from Early Life – Philip Hensher (4th Estate, British, 8th novel)
  • Tony Hogan Bought Me An Ice Cream Before He Stole Me Ma – Kerry Hudson (Chatto & Windus, British, debut novel)
  • Moffie – Andre Carl Van Der Merwe (Europa Editions, South African, debut novel)
  • Jack Holmes and his Friend – Edmund White (Bloomsbury, American, 10th novel)

Last year’s winner Catherine Hall, who became a judge this year, revealed “I never knew how hard it was to get from a longlist to a shortlist – it’s a testament to how fantastic all the titles on the longlist were. Our final shortlist includes a couple of old masters and some lesser known voices, featuring stories from South Africa to New York to Bangladesh via a Glasgow tenement and a Cornish vicarage – they’re all incredibly exciting and it’s going to be terribly difficult to pick a winner.”

Fellow judges Dom Agius, photographer and DJ, said “Can you have too many good books to choose from?  It feels like we did and do still. What an unexpected luxury. I can pay all the longlisted authors no higher praise, that was incredibly hard.” Katie Allen, Web Editor of The Bookseller said “Judges of literary prizes always stay that cutting the longlist to the shortlist is hard, but it really really was in our case. Some great books didn’t quite make it through, but I’m really pleased with the shortlist we have. I hope it encourages people to pick up some new books to read.”

The winning title which will be announced on December the 12th 2012.

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