New Look, New Logo’s and New Features…

It has been quite a while since we stated that The Green Carnation Prize website was going to ‘undergo a change’. Now however after nearly two months of planning, discussion, plotting, designs and their tweaks we have a lovely new site and lots of nice new features that are going to make you want to come back to the site regularly and most importantly make it more of a site for discussion and your thoughts along with interaction from the judges throughout the process. We also have the lovely new official logo for the Green Carnation Prize…

A big thanks for this goes to Gavin Pugh of Gav Reads not only for coming up with some wonderful designs before the final one hit the exact spot, but also for putting up with out very picky chair, Simon Savidge, as the two have spent hours and hours getting it just right.

With the new look will be coming some new features. We have a series of interviews with the judges coming soon; we also have a look at what makes a great read and a possible prize winner. Over the next few weeks we will be launching two new features on the website, both series, one looking at ‘The Green Carnation Heritage’ and those great works by LGBT authors that could have won the prize in the past had it existed, the second will be a series (as yet unnamed) looking at the great novels from last week to the last century written by non-LGBT authors and yet with a great LGBT sensibility, theme or cast of characters. So hopefully we will be bringing you a great list of reading material for the summer and autumn months before the Green Carnation Prize Longlist 2011 is announced…

Speaking of long lists, we have an announcement about ours coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime let us know what you think of the new look to the site.

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2 Responses to New Look, New Logo’s and New Features…

  1. Dark Puss says:

    I like your logo.

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