A Carnation Countdown Conundrum Competition

Time seems to have flown. It seems only a few weeks ago that plots were hatched, judges were contacted, a name had to be rethought and ‘The Green Carnation Prize’ was born. Now it is a week until the longlist, or ‘The Green Carnation Bunch 2010’ as the judges are calling it between them, is announced.

We tried to get some inside gossip on any possible contenders. However as promised all five of them are staying tight lipped. They are all agreed they have never read quite so much sex in their reading lives so far (more on that in another post coming soon). They are also all agreed they have been pleasantly surprised by just how many submissions they received, as in ‘year one’ they thought they might only have enough for a shortlist but on the whole publishers have been really open to the award and the books have flooded in and continue to do so. In fact at one point the judges were even slightly worried they might have to put the deadline for announcing the longlist back!

“It’s meant there is rather a lot of books to choose from and interestingly the judges do have some very differing favourites, they also have some books they have all loved instantly. I think if you asked the judges currently what the final ten or eleven might be they wouldn’t be able to even hazard a guess, it will all be down to that dinner on Tuesday night.”

So speaking of guessing we thought to mark the final week countdown to ‘The Green Carnation Bunch 2010’ announcement we would open up a competition to get you all guessing. One of the judges Simon Savidge has kindly offered to send a selection of books by gay authors “some which could even be in the longlist, some which are deemed classics and some which need more notice” to the person who guesses the closest to the longlist. A rather interesting prospect when even the judges, who know what’s been submitted, can’t call any definite contenders.

Simply leave a comment below (which will ask you for your email address so we can contact you should you win but wont display it for all to see) naming the ten books you think could make the longlist or indeed the ten books you would like to see on the longlist which abide by the rules and regulations you can find here.

 Good luck, you have until midnight GMT on Monday the 30th of August the competition is open world wide (one entry per person) and the winner will be announced on Thursday the 2nd of September! Now get guessing!

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